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i did it

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1 i did it on Thu May 15, 2014 11:02 pm

thought it was going to be an uneventful night. Saw a cop asked him if i could kidnap him out of boredum and he said ok. I put him in my sport hatchback and take off and send a text to the police I want 100k for his safe release or i was going to stick my ding a ling in his doodie hole. I had 6 cops chasing me.1 heli 2 suvs. I got nall the way to the airport and started driving in circles around air hq with them chasing me I drove past 2 cops standing on the side of the road and honked at them while their buddy yelled for help out of the window and then I got on that straight road that runs along the AF to the north and hit 326kph and lost the heli and both cop cars. Feeling brave I told them I wanted 200k and they agreed. I told them they had 5 minutes or their friend was getting the shaft. Then I decided to get over confident and turned the car around and drove it right at them zipped by them so fast I had to look like a blur on their screen, hit a brick wall did 2 barrel rolls landed engine goes out the chopper lands while i am trying to repair my car they arrest me. the end. The cool part? the cop i held hostage (a bionic guy btw) was like dude that was so much fun i talked them out of giving you a ticket! thanked him and then filled out a police app and am now a cadet! also i bought another covered zamak and loaded my house crate up with 700/700 raw diamonds  What a Face 

want to know what sucks? in the middle of collecting diamonds some asshole drove up on a quad and shot me. luckily i locked the doors before hand and even paid another guy out there 25k to watch my truck AND kill the guy who shot me which he did. drove all of the way back to pyrgos unloaded the diamonds into my house stored the zamak. What a night! I was planning on walking around moping because of the loss of my heli but you know what i learned tonight? fuck planning if we just go out and play the game win or lose we will enjoy it alot more. I hijacked a cop with a pistol and a hatchback! I have loads of diamonds! btw I plan on getting my offroad and making 3-4 trips between my house and processing to cut them. Not selling yet, just cutting and storing. might get a second crate for cut diamonds and use the other for uncut. we will see! Laughing 

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2 Re: i did it on Fri May 16, 2014 7:19 am

sounds great. I was a little pissed last night. I didn't feel like gaming. Sounds great Terri you da man.

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