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1 SO on Sun May 11, 2014 12:36 am

Bought a house, bought a small storage, put all of my shit in their (wet suit, sdar, etc) Went to town and bought some regular clothes and a pistol. This way I can change out outfits for occcassion this way I dont have to worry about getting robbed and having to buy a new rebreather, sdar etc. Tomorrows goals will be to do 1 turtle run and get another chopper from the rebel base I am down to 250k so one run should put me at 470k which should be enough for that rebel choppa!

12 It is the small house up the hill behind your house slightly to the left if facing your house. It sticks out if you look at it from pyrgos quite well actually! the door is locked so no funny biznesssssss!!! hehehehehe! rabbit 

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