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1 Vigilantes on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:33 pm

I ran into a guy named turtles last night. He got me into being a vigilante and said any time we are on and see the group Night Copps we are welcome to join and split the earnings with him for hunting people down. He said he averages about 900k per night. I went and put two guys in hand cuffs that were robbing a gas station and texted the cops. Boom 20k! Granted they were petty thiefs but some of these people have like 500k bounties! Anyway I figure if we team up with him and his guys a night they can show us the ropes. 65k for the vigilante license and 45k for the gun you need to disable people that resist arrest. so roughly 125k start up cost once you factor in clips and other items you may need but yall HAVE to try this!

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2 Re: Vigilantes on Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:00 am

sounds good!

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3 Re: Vigilantes on Thu May 01, 2014 2:39 pm

Me and 12 had a blast today. I didn't wreck the heli once! We ran into a guy robbing a gas station and had a small shoot out, I apprehended him threw him in my car and drove him to police HQ. the police were busy stopping the fed bank from being robbed so we decided to let him go with a warning. 12 even gave him money for a quad. We drive off and what happens? He starts robbing another store! We find him and arrest him again. The cops were again stopping a fed bank robbery, but this time we waited. Finally a cop shows up and takes the thief into custody I go with the cop while 12 watches the car. The guy gets thrown in jail and 12 got sniped  Crying or Very sad we learned a lesson, but got 40k from catching the crook! We saw a guy with a 250k bounty but he got out of town FAST! A heli came and picked him up with many more people in it. So the high value targets are going to be a little more difficult to grab but what a rush! We need you 11! Tonight I am buying you a vigilante license!

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