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Jeezy frikkin Creezy

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1 Jeezy frikkin Creezy on Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:53 am


Get ready for another tale of Greed, Suspense and plain ole fuckin MORONITUDE... goddmanit.

Ok, so TERRI... fuck.

Last night you get off right... im standing there, just like wtf man.  I got, what was it, 2 or 3 meths to make I can make, right?  So I take a look at my money and I only have like $1800.  I cant buy a license... I cant buy a vehicle. I almost log out and what comes pullin up?  A white atv.  Then I just watch the guy.. we are at the gas station.  He gets off it, he gets back on.  He drives it around back, he drives it around front.  I finally realize he's watching ME.  So I run off down the street, loop around and come right back to the gas station.  At this point he's off it and POP a SUV comes into existence.. he just bought it.  I was like I KNEW IT!  That was the motherfucker that stole our white atv!  So, he' standing next to his SUV and I just run over and jump on the atv and SPLIT!  I see him running towards me at this point then pop, I get shot once and the atv gets hit and starts running really bad.  Im worried he's gonna chase me down so I just start driving all crazy through the streets of Pyrgos.  I make it to some house and hide for a second, then im like FUCK IT.  If I die whatevs.. we'll just start this motherfucker back up tomorrow.  So I went to the gas station, bought a toolkit and repaired the ATV, got some gas and set off on a most interesting adventure that ended about 2:00 am this morning.

SO!!  Now I have a fully repaired atv, 3 meths to make and a will to succeed... start it up and head straight down to the meth cartel, make 3 meths, and HAUL straight ass back to the drug dealer, sell my shit and am now standing there with about 17k.  Am I done?  Not even fucking CLOSE!  It was at this point that I got bitten by the little green meth bug.  That was some easy ass money.  Let's do it AGAIN...

I run over and buy a hatchback, and then head over and buy enough ingredients to make maybe 4 this time, and head out!  The sun is now going down... im heading out into the shit and now its frikkin night!  

Now during all this shit.. YES!  There's all kinds of shit going on around me, im wrecking the car in the middle of nowhere.. thank GAWD I bought 2 toolkits or that would have ended shit real early.  But somehow I managed to stay on the road and just keep making runs.  At one point im trying to get to the drug dealer in the middle of the night and there's cops EVERY frikkin where.  PLUS I forgot to mention that I had an APB on me this whole time.  The guy that stole your atv claimed that I had stolen his!  Which I may have.. but fuck him.. he had an SUV!  The WHOLE time im doing all my drug runs I have an APB out on me for a  stolen vehicle and don't even realize it.  Anyway, only one trip did I have to deal with a bunch of cops and dude I thought FOR SURE I was going to get caught.  I just flanked WAY around into a field and then headed into the drug dealer.  I SWEAR they make it take about 10 secs for the interface to come up so you are just sitting there freaking out.  

ANYWAY.. I could go on and on... but I make about 4-5 runs. And this happens.  I have about 60k on me, I am making my last run with 7 meths on me.  Im going to roll in and sell this shit and Terri is going to SHIT when we get on tomorrow and have enough money to buy an SUV and a bunch of guns!  Then load up on ingredients and get to cooking!  Im hittin Pyrgos right as the sun is coming up.  I have been running meth ALL night long.  I am pulling up the gas station and I nothice theres like 5 cars around it!  People running around everywhere.  But I don't care, I am just gonna roll up, im like 1 minute away from having 100,000 plus in my pocket...

As im pulling into the gas station, right then and right there.. out of fucking NO where.. I die.  Of motherfucking dehydration.  Next to about 10 dudes that ALL come running up laughing... take ALL my money ALL my drugs and .. leave.

I TRY TO spawn in as fast as I can but OF FUCKING COURSE I spawn into the wrong town.  Run around for 5 min before I realize it.  Respawn again into Pygos, run down to gas station and EVERYONE is gone.  Nothing there.... but my car.

It is about 2:20 am at this point.  I have lost fucking everything.  I am ... not mad.  THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!! I was having a total blast.  I Was bummed, REALLY bummed for about 5 min.  Then I was like fuck it!  I still have my car!  SO I parked the car in the garage and went to bed.  Maybe the car will be gone, but I have $3500 in the bank, you have a few bucks. Enough to start the GC cartel right back the fuck over.

The End.

The moral? Fucking DRINK WATER!!!


If you want to grow old as a pilot, you've got to know when to push it, and when to back off. -Chuck Yeager
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2 Re: Jeezy frikkin Creezy on Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:53 am

lol freak. ill be there to help soon.

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3 Re: Jeezy frikkin Creezy on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:07 pm

What an eventful yet unproductive night lol. I sent in another compensation request this time for 57000 bucks. They said they are working on a patch that will put all of the vehicles back and when that happens I will be able to sell them all sip think of it as money in the bank I don't have access to yet. I think we play a little day z tonight, goto rot. We die or they die we play more altis lol

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4 Re: Jeezy frikkin Creezy on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:11 pm

Once we pool together about 200k let's make a run to the west coast where the Mary Jane is!

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5 Re: Jeezy frikkin Creezy on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:27 pm

Dude... 2-3 big, black suv's...

Guards, drivers, pilots, couriers...

Then what they gonna do when we are running loads in little birds or blackhawks? WITH gun support? Not a fucking thing.

I know this, on that server the [BIONIC] guys seem to rule. I saw that for a donation you can get all kinds of cool perks. Maybe not in this Altis server, but possible in another? JUST a thought.


If you want to grow old as a pilot, you've got to know when to push it, and when to back off. -Chuck Yeager
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6 Re: Jeezy frikkin Creezy on Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:54 pm

Bionic guy flew into town and stayed robbing everyone at gun point then flew off right before the cops showed

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