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Getting stalked

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1 Getting stalked on Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:56 pm


Gonna try NOT to make this long.  

Starting after the RLS incident (EDIT: sorry they are RPS) (which we need to determine if Chuck Norris and his fan club ARE These guys) but anyway, STARTING with the RLS incident, I have been having REALLY, REALLY weird things happen to me at night, always after everyone else logs off.

This is how it went the first time.  I was North of HQ and running South.  It was about 1-2 am?  In there.  Anyway, 1 other guy was in the server.  His name was Harvey.. like [tcb] harvey, all lower case.  I didn't even pay one secod of attention to the name, just looked to see if anyone else was in GC server with me.  Sure enough, there was.. this harvey guy.  But Ipaid no attention.  What are the odds right?  

So I am heading south towards HQ.  Now, I have come to HATE HQ when im alone.  I rarely go there anymore by myself, and I will bypass and run right by it if anyone's numbers are even remotely close to mine. My thinking is that if they are close, they are either in the middle of looting HQ and I can just haul ass by, OR are done looting HQ and will move n or s depending, and then I can wait and am in the clear once their numbers start to differ more and more from mine.  Then once the numbers have like 100 between them, I will make my merry way to wherever.

So I see this harvey guy has numbers that are close to mine.  I always find this weird because I know the number thing works and how is it that on this WHOLE bigass map, this guy just happens to be right next to me?  Aww well, fuck it... im just gonna run to the s AF.  So, I just head out... but I notice something VERY weird about fucking "harvey".  No matter how far or fast I run, our numbers never get more than 20-30 apart AND are actually getting closer than that.  Im like... wtf man?  How is this guy "following" me??  NAHH!! Cant be.. im just tripping.  SO, I continue on the AF.  BUT, I am still wiggin out a little as to why this guys numbers hover right next to mine, even though I have just run what... like 1/8 of the way across the map?  That's a long way man.  There's no way this guy is following me.. MAYBE he's just had the same idea as me and is running to the s AF, also.  OK   fine.. I know what ill do, ill lay down right in the middle of the AF, on the opposite side of the buildings, in the grass, and under a bush.  As far as I can tell, as long as I don't move im virtually invisible.  Just like every other time when someone is like WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!?  and youre like.. uhh right here?  Next to you?

So I wait and watch.  I figure IF harvey just had the same idea as me, he'll just run around on the AF and loot it and ill just watch him run by and be like.. SEE?!  I knew that guy wasn't following me.  Ok.. at this point a zombie agros on me..  There's nothing I can do but pull my ax as fast as I can and kill it, which I do.  SO I GUESS harvey could have seen that... but judging by where the shots came from, he couldn't have seen it cuz he was behind me in the tents.  SO I lay back down and wait.

The numbers get closer and closer until they are within 1 or 2.  Im laying there just thinking WHERE IS this guy?!  What the FUCK man...?  Then BAM!!! BAM BAM BAM!!! Im dead.  Just like that.  No zombies yelling, no sounds AT ALL.... just shot and dead.  HOW did he do that?  Ok well, watching tons of vids on DayZ, I have run across ESP.  It's a trainer and allows people to see where EVERY other person is, AND where all the loot is.  If he did follow and kill me, that's what he used.

OK!! So... that's not enough for this COCKSUCKER.  Now this is what's happening to me, and has happened the last 2 nights in a row ONLY after I am alone.  So Sunday night, boom, everyone logs out, I jump out for a bit.  Then come back in.  There's 2 guys.  It's always 2 guys that are together doing this... I don't know why yet, but they are together.  I spawn in.  I immediately notice that one of the guys has a close number.  OK.. no prob.  Gonna run away.. just get away.  Doesn't matter which direction as long as it's away from this guy with my numbers.  And what happens?  The same thing.  The guys numbers hover close to mine.  Then they start to get closer and closer.  When he gets within 50 I log in as admin.  When he gets within 20, I find a bush and tell them in Global chat "What the fuck is WRONG with you guys?  Stop following me OR I WILL kick you out!"  Sure enough... the numbers get closer, so POOP, I flush his ass.  Then I tell his friend they are fuckin retards, but I don't kick the 2nd guy.  ALWAYS within 5 min he just leaves.  

LAST night, it happens AGAIN.  They always change their names to look as random as possible.  Sometimes they have official lookin squad tags.. sometimes it's just random names like TriBacon or something.  THIS time I run in a HUGE semi-circle from the top of Balota ALL the way north to just se of HQ then turn E, run about a click, then turn south and run until I hit a town that must be new.  It's somewhere north of supertown, but not too far.  As im running into town I see a police station and i realize they cant just hide and snipe me in there, I can just squat down in the top and wait and watch 360 degrees using the windows at the top.  So that's what I do.  Fucktards numbers are getting within like 5 if mine, so I am getting antsy.. I log in admin and keep P open with his name highlighted so I can just kick him in like .01 seconds if I need to.  THEN the number just sits there for 5-10 minutes.  He's not moving, ahhh  he's relaized what I have done.  He can't get to me without me seeing him.. so what does he do?

Spawns out.  Then 5 min later, just like last time, his buddy spawns out.  I think the buddy is used for a pincer type maneuver if needed.  He's somewhere close, but NEVER does the actual stalking.  It's VERY strange behavior and I told them in chat I knew exactly what they were doing.  They always leave.  This is how I kinda know something is up.  You can tell when they get frustrated.. they just leave.  BUT SURE AS SHIT... they always come back.  2 of them.  and it starts all over again.  They just follow me.  It's the weirdest, most fucked up feeling in the world.   I know they are using something to track me... the  randomness of my run yesterday just proved it.  

That's one of the weirdest thhings that's ever happened to me in a game.  And I think it's awesome, I just don't like the cheating aspect of it.  Old Joe Pryor used to stalk us in his back loit when we played paintball.  I know what it's like to be hunted.  This is different.  These are just choads having their weird fun.

A-holes.  Try it.  Go in LATE as hell one night and see what happens.


If you want to grow old as a pilot, you've got to know when to push it, and when to back off. -Chuck Yeager
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