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1 Hell.. on Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:52 pm

I tried to upload 2 squad movement pages from the MILSPEC manual. The damn image host site is telling me that the images are too big or corrupt. Not sure what the prob is, but ill try to get something up to illustrate some of the things im thinking, and what we have all talked about. I understand Mark wants us all to hang within feet of each other, but there will be times when this simply wont be possible.

I like the idea that we have about a 50 yard tether to the Squad Lead. It's going to get interesting as we get farther along, and the game starts to introduce a persistent/permanent world.

Let's also be careful not to burn ourselves out on the game. IT looks like we are all going to converge on ww2 for Map 100. Some even think this may be their very last ww2ol map. I think that's great. What would DayZ hold for us in 2-4 months? (Unless some badass ex germ cinc shows up and wipes out the Allies in a week??) hehehehe...


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