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Last night...

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1 Last night... on Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:32 pm

Joe this is for you. The way I see things, on the ground you are in charge. Obviously GoD can take control of us at any point, but when we are on our own, you are Alpha squad leader, which puts you over me in terms of ORBAT.

I have a really bad habit of trying to break off and flank when we are engaged. I usually find that I don't tell you whats going on, where I am going OR what I am doing. I do this instantly without thinking because I always figure that you, and whoever is with you, will be the main element engaging the enemy, while im gonna get all sneaky and take em out from the side. THIS IS JUST FUCKING RETARDED.

I think I get this from watching too many Ramblow movies. What I want to talk to you about, doesn't even have to be anyone else there, but I want to just do some basic approach and cover training. Kind of like what we did when we messed around with getting up to SuperTown when our snipers need extraction. We talked about what we could do, Who would do what and where. That was perfect.

Last night, I did it again, and you (Joe) got shot and knocked out. When we knew there was 1 more guy, and took off in the direction we thought he was in, I immediately broke off from you. When I heard a shot, not sure who was getting shot at at that point, it sounded like it was in a building. So I took off into the building and started looking for him. I never found him and you started asking where I had gone just as you got shot. At that point I was just like, well.. if it's gonna be a suicide mission, oh well, cuz EVERYONE is down but me. Now I HAVE to go out there and get this last guy. I ran outa my building to the spot I thought you might have been and sure as shit there's a guy with a green backpack standing just to the left of your body. He was facing the wall. He never even knew there was another guy, cuz I was holed up in that building. In that situation, I wonder if us trying to get the high ground would have been the right move? Into a building which would provide both cover and advantage. Think about that a little. In Arma, as in life, the guy who is higher up almost always wins. So staying on the ground, especially when we have buildings to move into, might not have been the best idea. BUT I know what was the worst idea... leaving my wingman. It will be easier in this than planes cuz of our speed, obviously. From NOW ON, I will not leave your back right unless you specifically tell me to break and bound or whatever. I will leave it up to you, the reason I want to practice alittle is to make it more second nature. As soon as we make contact, all our best laid plans will got to shit, I know that.

BUT it's always better to have some tactics to go to than not. I know its NO big deal. But I catch myself always doing this. Unless we train and decide beforehand to do that, I will not anymore. I'll be back right until I get orders.

I think it should go like this.

GC Squad - Steve, Joe, Tim, Terry, Mark, Ghost and maybe Lou. Am I missing anyone? That's 7.

Squad Leader/Alpha Team Sniper - Steve
Alpha Team Lead/Backup squad leader - Joe
Bravo Team Lead/backup Alpha Leader - Tim
Bravo Team Sniper - Terry
Alpha Team Member 1 - Ghost
Bravo Team Member 1 - Mark
Works with everyone - Lou

When we move together WE move as a squad. When we break down into our offensive components - It's Steve on Lead/Overwatch, Terry on overwatch/back guard, Alpha team under control of GoD, Bravo Team under control of GoD. When we break off from GoD, Joe is in control.

I don't know if that makes sense, but mainly its like a transformer. GoD is the head and can break off and fly away at any moment. A/B teams are the arms and are under the control of the flying head.. Alpha team right arm.. Bravo left... we can break apart and come back together at any time and still be effective in defensive, offensive and recon roles.


If you want to grow old as a pilot, you've got to know when to push it, and when to back off. -Chuck Yeager
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